NO NAME was established in 1984 and has been active in the designing, manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling of high-quality Men’s wear under the NO NAME trademark. In 1997, NO NAME for the first time presented high-quality Women’s apparel in its collection. No Name’s show room and office have been housed in Cyprus since 1997. The company today holds a leading position in the clothing sector for men and women with 16 company stores, 15 shops in shop and 10 franchise points in Greece and abroad. Its products are also available at more than 125 points of sale in Greece’s major cities.

The NO NAME trademark is a top-flight and a well establish brand in the fashion world and the contemporary Lifestyle. The most popular colors presented to all collections are: black, white, shades of grey and blue. The color palette for both collections and all seasons always follow the trends in fashion combined with different materials and fabrics. The company today holds a leading position in the clothing sector for men & women. The company’s trend design together with top quality and a comprehensive distribution of the product has generated a high level of brand recognition among the broader consumer public. NO NAME Athens is a fashion clothing brand selling high Italian quality clothes.

Miguel Vieira is a Portuguese designer and was born in S.Joo da Madeira, in 1966. He started working as a fashion designer in 1988 and has been showing his private collections for men and women since 1991. Our Group is presenting his shoe collection exclusively in Cyprus since 2007 with great success.

The style of Miguel Vieira corresponds directly the style of No Name clothes. The color palette is black, white, midnight blue, and green. A wide variety of fabrics bring this collection to life with a heavy use of texture. The accessories range from boots, and belts, wallets to shoes, reworked to resemble crocodile skins. His shoe collection includes both the smart and the casual collection. The color palette is black, white, and midnight blue. The brand Miguel Vieira is also well known in other product extensions with great success.