Men’s & Women’s Wear

125, Makariou Avenue ΙΙΙ, 3021

Phone:+357 25736773-4
Fax: +357 25348073

The shop operates since 2008 on the corner of Arch. Makariou & Petrou Tsirou. A two floor premises which hosts both Men’s wear on first flour and Women’s wear on the ground floor. Also on the fisrt floor in specially designed offices, it hosts the central offices of N.A.M.E. Ltd. The Women’s ground floor holds 190sq.meters with four dressing rooms and 10sq.meters of storage space. The Men’s first floor holds 280sq.meters with seven dressing rooms and 40sq.meters of storage space. Since Arch. Makariou Avenue is the most usable street in Limassol the shop’s window displays tend to be the style and fashion inspiration of Limassol’s male and female fashionistas. The shop operates under two companies. The Women’s wear ground floor is under the company Celavendo Ltd which is a private company owned by one shareholder and employee’s up to three persons. And the Men’ s wear on first floor operates under the company Imago Line Ltd which is a subsidiary company of N.A.M.E. Ltd and it employee’s up to four persons maxim



Men’s Wear

6, Themidos & Tositsas, 3036 Limassol

Phone: +357 25340471

The very first shop by NO NAME in Cyprus operates since 1996 on the corner of Themidos & Tositsas just a minute away from Anexartisias street, the most popular street of Limassol. It holds 140sq.meters with four dressing rooms and 10sq.meters of storage space. It has been displaying constantly the latest trends and styles for more than a decade, making a substantial presence of NO NAME in Limassol city. The shop operates under the mother company NAME Ltd and it employees up to two persons maximum. As stated above this is the very first shop of NO NAME in Cyprus thus holds the history and tradition of the brand with 15 years of history.



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